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Good day & welcome to the wonderful
home of TopHat Teacakes!

TopHat Teacakes are a delicious new brand of luxury
handmade chocolate teacakes made in the North East of

TopHat Teacakes ARE the ultimate indulgent teatime treats.
Your sweet tooth will most definitely never be disappointed!
Our chocolate teacakes are all naturally flavoured with no
artificial preservatives.

Most importantly we do not use gelatine in our teacakes leaving our mallow smooth and creamy and suitable for vegetarians!

We have made and packaged our teacakes to become that perfect little gift for someone special or just that amazing teatime treat
for you to enjoy with a fine cup of hot tea... mmm!

At less than a year old we are still very much a fledgling young business growing by the day, so please do get in touch if you have any questions or feedback, we always welcome new ideas.

Also do send in your funny TopHat & Tale stories and photos of how you devoured your chocolate teacakes. Every month we
will be giving away FREE teacakes to who we think has the best tale!

We hope you enjoy your chocolate teacakes!

Yours Sweetly,

(TopHat Teacakes creator, baker & eater!)


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