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Tell Your Tale to get yourself some Free TopHat Teacakes

Since starting TopHat Teacakes in April 2013 many really nice people have emailed, called and
told me in person how much they enjoyed their TopHat Teacakes (which is such a delight to hear!)
and many of those comments have always come with a really funny tale, so we decided to make
this page just for you to share your tale of how you enjoyed your TopHat Teacakes. We want your
funny pictures too!

Every month we will select the funniest tale to go on our TopHat & Tale Hall of fame so please do
include pictures if you have one and email them to TopHatTale@tophatteacakes.co.uk.

As well as going on our TopHat & Tale Hall of fame you will also receive some FREE TopHat
Teacakes through the post too.. HOW AMAZING IS THAT!!

We absolutely love hearing from TopHat Teacake lovers and we can't wait to get your email.